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Do open relationships ever actually work?

So within my group of friends here in the states we all started to worry about one in particular. She has been spending a lot of time with a guy that we have all singeled out as a complete ass. He has a girlfriend of 4 years, in another country, and whilst he’s been abroad on exchange has flirted with virtually every girl. 

Not necessarily a bad thing. Guys and girls can just be friends, right? 

Well apparently not. 

My friend is smart, really smart and initially rebuked his advances until said ass told her that he was in an ‘open’ relationship with his girlfriend back home.And being told this suddenly made it ‘ok’ for my friend to accept his moves. Next night they had done the deed.  And have done so repeatedly since then. 

Now I’m all for a woman being able to pick and choose her sexual partners, have one night stands etc. as much as she wants. But when it’s someone I care about I have to say I’m a little biased. I’ve never heard of anyone whose managed to just be ‘fuck buddies’. To leave all emotion at the door. I’ve never known of someone not getting hurt. Maybe it’s just because I believe that when you’re in a relationship a guys dick stays firmly in one of two places: with you or in his pants.

Come the end of this last semester he broke things off, just as he was headed home for the holidays. Convenient, or a coincidence? I think the former myself. And now days before he’s due to be back in the states he’s told his American girl that he’s dumped the original girlfriend and wants to ‘re-evaluate’. I think that’s definitely suggests convenience over coincidence.

So what do you think? Can guys and girls just be together for sex? Or does emotion ultimately get in the way? 


Women, war and peace

Women, War and Peace

Westboro Baptist Church

I recently found out about the Westboro Baptist Church. They are truly terrifying. They appear to be a mad cult, in fact’ appear’ is not the correct word to use, they just are. This group believes that anyone who is gay or accepts that being gay is not a mortal sin will burn in hell. They believe that god’s wrath is being enacted against such people in multiple forms. For example, the Tsunami of 2004, 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina even the 2012 cinema shooting in Aurora, Colorado: all of these truly terrible events were, according to this church, god’s punishment for homosexuality.
Although it’s not entirely uncommon to hear about people who believe that being gay or bisexual is wrong, Westboro Church take this belief to the extreme. After the start of the Iraq/Afghanistan War, these ‘ good Christian people’ began to picket the funerals of returning servicemen and women, claiming that their deaths were god’s wrath against the sinners of the American people. They have signs that say ‘pray for more dead soldiers’ and ”God hates Fags’. These signs, they think, are appropriate. And their picketing is not limited to the funeral of soldiers, they also picketed the funeral of a small child who contracted AIDS after a blood transfusion. That child was completely innocent, they didn’t choose to get AIDS, they had what was supposed to be a life saving procedure and it went wrong. That doesn’t seem like the act of a good and merciful road to me.
I wonder though, how these apparent good Christian people, think that picketing funerals is in anyway appropriate and Christian. I don’t claim to know the bible that well but I’m almost certain it doesn’t say anything about celebrating the deaths of others is part of God’s plan. Bad enough that they have these views at all, but to force them on grieving widows, parents, children and friends of those who have given their lives to protect the people of their country, including those of the Westboro Church, is just plain wrong.
You could be forgiven for thinking that the people in charge are non educated, ignorant morons. However when you look a bit closer you find that the leader of the church is a well educated attorney. An attorney who was heavily involved in the civil rights of the 1960’s and his children are also attorneys. They argue the fact their father defended black people during civil rights cases proves that they are not prejudiced, they are merely following God’s instruction. Have they forgotten that civil rights isn’t limited to the prejudices between black and white, it’s the right of everyone to be treated fairly?
Overall I find it hard to get my head around the actions of these people. I will never understand praying for people to die, celebrating massacres and natural disasters or hoping for more. I fail to understand how educated people can be so completely ignorant and narrow minded. One can only hope that one day the ringleaders of this group will realise that being gay, bisexual, transgender or believing that this is all normal and ok doesn’t make you a bed person. It doesn’t mean you can’t be a good person or even a good Christian; it doesn’t mean you are bringing the wrath of god down on humanity and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re intentionally trying to harm people. Hopefully they can accept that being gay isn’t something that should be punishable by death, that being gay is perfectly normal.
And in spite of that then I would have them answer a rather obvious question: If being gay is wrong then why did God create Gay people?

Sympathy for US teen rapists…?

Maybe it’s just me but since when did we, as a society, start to feel sympathy for rapists?  

This is happening in the case of teen rapists in the small, backwater town of Steubenvile.  Apparently by sentencing two of the boys to a minimum of a years confinement i juvenille detention the judge is robbing them of their childhood. After all it was just a case of some boys messing around at a party right?  

Well, let’s see, A 16 year old girl got drunk, passed out and was taken advantage off.  She woke up hours later naked, alone and in a strange house with no recollection of the night before.  Some might ask what the problem is, if she couldn’t even remember? In answer to that I would say a) It still happened and whether she remembers or not is besides the point and b) She found out in the worst possible way. Through grotesque, explicit text messages and a video that went viral all over the internet before she even knew what had happened herself.   

Sickeningly one of the defendants when asked about why he later deleted the video, answered; ‘It was one of those moments when you realise you’ve done something stupid and wrong that night, so i deleted it.’   Is this a sign of the morality, or stupidity, of my generation: where people are so heavily involved with technology that they confuse the delete button on their phone with being able to delete real life events?!

Rape is not something that can be erased by the click of a button.  The young girl who was attacked that night will most likely never fully recover.  A bit of her will be lost for good.  Rapists, whether they be men or women, young or old deserve to be punished and punished severely. 

It makes you wonder though… Would people still have felt sympathy had these boys been on trial for any other crime, like murder say? Probably not.  There needs to be a serious rethink about how we think and act in regards to rape and it needs to happen now!

Comic Relief

Comic Relief

Comic Relief- The one day of the year where even the government encourage you to sit in front of the TV for 7 hours straight. 

But amid all the hilarity it’s important to remember the real reason for tonight’s festivities

How the Mighty have fallen!

How the Mighty have fallen?

Ex Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne has been sentenced to 8 months in prison following months of allegations and years of lies.  Once tipped as the next leader of the Lib Dems it does seem the might have fallen. 

Is it enough?

The truth behind domestic violence

This is definitely worth a watch. So many of us shy away from talking about it but it’s crucial that we do, chances are this is happening to someone you know.

When will it be enough?

How many more people, children and families need to be killed before enough is enough. People may say it’s not guns that kill, it’s the person pulling the trigger but it’s a lot easier with a gun in your hand.

It’s key that gun control stops being a risky political move in America and instead becomes an area of positive action to ensure that shootings like the one at Sandy Hook School never happen again.